This page will provide you with information about courses I teach.  Just click on the course you are interested in to find course information and a sample syllabus. 

For more information about other courses offered in Child Development, or to find information about Saddleback College Certificates, State of California Permits, tuition reimbursements or the mentor program, visit the Child Development and Education Department website.

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Saddleback provides a student online support website which you may wish to access.  It can be accessed from the Saddleback College homepage.  Saddleback is now migrating all online courses from Blackboard to Canvas.  I am now teaching all my online courses in Canvas.  To access your course, click on the Canvas link on the top of the Saddleback homepage.  Log in using the same user name and password that you use to access your MySite.  You will also find helpful information about using Canvas there.

Classes I will be teaching Spring 2018:

CD 120 - Observation and Assessment

This class will be offered online only this semester

CD 121 - Practicum: The Student Teaching Experience

Students will also be required to complete 100 hours of student teaching experience (2 mornings or afternoons weekly) in a placement approved by the instructor.   Email me with a copy of your MySite academic record showing you have completed all prerequisites.  Once received, I will send you a placement application.  Placement days and times are "first come, first served".

CD 128 - Administration I: Programs in Early Childhood Education

I will not be teaching this course the second 8 weeks fully online

CD 129 - Administration II: Administration and Leadership in ECE

Compressed class is offered online second 8 weeks

CD 127 - Adult Supervision and Mentoring

Compressed class is offered online first 8 weeks