I've been a full time faculty member of the Mathematics Department at Saddleback College since the Fall of 2008.  Apart from teaching math courses, I am also involved in the Bridge 2 Engineering Program and currently chair the Computer Science Department. This page is intended to give you, the student, access to all of my class materials at all times. I also have additional links and information which should be helpful. I hope you become familiar with these and your own class pages. Thanks!


You can receive FREE tutoring Monday through Saturday from the LRC Tutoring Center in almost any subject! To use LRC 208 or 212 for free tutoring, be sure to enroll in Tutoring 300, ticket # 17335 or #17345 and sign in at the front desk whenever you visit. You can "enroll" in Tutoring 300 the same way you enroll in other classes, but note that:

  • You can "enroll" at any time in the semester.
  • There is no fee.
  • There are no units and you will not receive a grade.

Additional Links

Explore math with Desmos! Graph functions, plot tables of data, evaluate equations, explore transformations, and much more for free!

OC Bridge 2 Engineering, a great program for future engineers. 

Are you thinking of transferring? Then the Transfer Center is the place for you!

Comic Competitive greatness

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